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The girl he left behind

There was a girl,  wasn't so pretty, wasn't so ugly. She had a nice heart and a calm personality.  One day she met a guy, whom she believed loved her so much.  Days grew into weeks and weeks into months and months into years, they were still together  and her love for him grew more than ever. She cooked, laundered his cloths, paid some of his bills when he couldn't,  helped him in so many ways and more she loved him.  Two years passed her love never faded but his began to be doubtful and he began behaving strongly. She was hurt so deeply on the night she found his lips on another girl's and his arms around her waist. She was hurt deeply but when he asked, he was forgiven. He was more careful than ever, he continued. He was into so many girls without her knowing. She still loved him and cared for him so much, but he didn't.  One day a very pretty girl came to visit her. She was very pretty that she wondered if she were human. The pretty girl was so soft spoken that …

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